Signature Cakes & Cupcakes

Aloha Cake

Our signature cake with fluffy guava, lemon and coconut chiffon cakes layered with creamy strawberry-guava, mango and coconut
mousses — finished with a cool whipped cream topping. Watching the sun set on a Hawaiian beach would surely taste like this.

6” cake/$32 (serves 6-10) // 9” cake/$48 (serves 12-18)

New! Hawaiian POG Cake

"POG" (passion fruit, orange, guava) is one of the island's most popular flavor combinations. One taste and we knew it just had to be a cake.
Fluffy guava and orange chiffon cake layers are filled with tart passion fruit mousse and then topped with a pouf of whipped cream.

6” cake/$32 (serves 6-10) // 9” cake/$48 (serves 12-18)

Chocolate Strawberry-Guava Cake

Three layers of our devilishly moist chocolate cake sandwiched between clouds of fluffy strawberry-guava mousse and
drizzles of chocolate ganache. Finished with a cool whipped topping.

6” cake/$32 (serves 6-10) // 9” cake/$48 (serves 12-18)

Coconut and Passion Fruit Cake

Lightly flavored coconut cake filled with a tart passion fruit curd and sweet shredded coconut, then covered with
white chocolate buttercream.

6” cake/$32 (serves 6-10) // 9” cake/$48 (serves 12-18)

Root Beer Float Cake

Four moist, root beer infused cake layers along with root beer buttercream filling and a very vanilla buttercream frosting.
Your childhood favorite in a cake!

6” cake/$32 (serves 6-10) // 9” cake/$48 (serves 12-18)

Victoria House Rum Cake

Our version of this much-loved Caribbean treat is rich, moist and oh so rummy. Vanilla whipped cream and our housemade
caramel sauce take it off the chart.

Small cake/$32 (serves 8-12) // Large cake/$48 (serves 14-20)

Mojito Cake

Mint-lime mousse sandwiched between layers of moist and fluffy lime chiffon cake
and topped with vanilla whipped cream.

6” cake/$25 (serves 8-12) // 9” cake/$42 (serves 14-20)

Key Lime Cupcakes

Lime chiffon cake, vanilla cream cheese frosting and crunchy cookie crumbles. Each bite tastes like summer!